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Kristy Boyer Email: mookie_me@yahoo.com  Instrument: Flute

Favorite Band Music: Gloriosa

Favorite Band Trip: ARIZONA!!! By far, the most amazing experience of my entire life! I've never had so much fun. The Fiesta Bowl Parade is something I will absolutely NEVER forget.

Presently: Working, studying, and keeping tabs on the marching band. I'm an English education major at SUNY Potsdam.

Jessica Lyons  Email:  happybubbles_2001@yahoo.com  Instrument: Saxophone:

Favorite Band Music:  Gloriosa

Favorite Band Trip: trip - Arizona memory - winning the first ever chatter box of the year award and of course everything that happened in the sax section. GO BUCS!!!!!!!!

Presently: St. John's University in Queens, New York.   I'm majoring in journalism and having a ton of fun.

Carrie Zaryski   Email: czaryski@mail.smu.edu Instrument: French horn, mellophone

Favorite Band Music: hmmm, this is a tough one. I'd have to say both La Fiesta and Glorisa...great mellie parts are few and far between, but these shows both had them! And for Wind Ensemble, Othello definitely, but Morning star, Endurance, and Armenian Dances are all up there too!!

Favorite Band Trip: Let's see...Marching band, When Kristin won best Drum Major at the Fiesta Bowl..I CRIED AND CRIED AND CRIED...but it was so much fun, plus we played SO WELL that night, that it was just perfect! GO BUCS!! And Wind Ensemble would have to be either when I played Strauss Concerto 1 with the Wind Ensemble, which was so much fun, and when we went to West Genny to play Morning Star and Othello, because I loved that concert program!!! Plus, of course, meeting all of my wonderful loverly friends in marching band and eating dinner on Saturday nights before competitions with everybody on the Ramp.

Presently:  I'm in Dallas, Texas, at Southern Methodist University...Horn Performance and Vocal Music Education.  I'm having lots of fun, and lots of practicing. I say y'all all the time, but everyone makes fun of my Yankee accent. I'm in Wind Ensemble, Orchestra, Concert choir, Women's Choir, and Brass Quintet, plus I work for my private teacher as a sort of secretary (he's the Principal Horn with the Dallas Symphony...REALLY REALLY GOOD), so needless to say, I've been my same busy self! Congrats to all you Marching Bucs on your 2nd place finish at the Dome...that's so awesome!!! Well, y'all:o), I've gotta go practice, so I'll see you soon!! Love ya!


Pakey Hanley   _Email: pimonkey31415@aol.com Instrument: Flute


Melissa Locklin   Email:techchic00@yahoo.com Instrument Color Guard (Flag and Saber)

Favorite Band Music - Othello

Favorite  Band Trip - One Word Arizona

Presently - Starting college at Oswego State ...Spending time with my friends and family, catching up on sleep and working.


Melinda McMahon   Email:  devilangel803@excite.com  Instrument Color Guard (Flag Rifle and Saber)

Favorite Band Music - loved Gloriosa. The music and the butterfly wings were spectacular.

Favorite  Band Trip - Arizona. That was the first time I flew in a plane and went out of state without my parents. The New Year's Eve party, Rawhide, and the Grand Canyon were the best.

Presently - plan on attending Cayuga Community College in the fall of 2003 and then attending SUNY Oswego or SUNY Cortland to persue a teaching degree.

Matthew Gentile  Email: tbonemaster5786@yahoo.com Instrument: Trombone

Favorite music:  Othello

Favorite trip  Varga, Dunsy and Mr Pall getting on the $.25 horse ride for kids on the dc trip (Rtter Goria year i think)

Presently:   Iím in college....yes me college....trying 2 do work.....trying 2 find a job....trying 2 get up for classes........trying 2 stay out of trouble


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