80's Alumni


Bill Bernys Email: bill.bernys@course.com   Instrument: Trombone

Favorite piece of band music: Pines of Rome

Favorite Band trip/memory:

Being selected for "Almost Anything Goes" games how while at Sea World in Orlando with Mike Warren. Mexico City...too many stories to tell.

Presently:  Bay Village,OH (outside Cleveland)  Currently the Eastern Region Technology Manager for Course Technology (Computer Textbooks). Looking to move back to the Ocean in Virginia Beach where I lived for 5 years. Married to Julie with two children Alana and Audra.

Pat Ensman-Dunham Email: pdunman@dreamscape.com Instrument: Flute

Favorite piece of band music:  Killing Me Softly

Favorite Band trip/memory:  Going to Mexico City, it was exciting to travel to a different culture. I also remember marching in the mud and hoping that my shoes would stay on. I also remember that Cicero beat West Genesee at one competition, the crowd went wild in excitement for Cicero.

Presently:  Living in Oswego, with my husband (he played sax at another distant high school), and 3 children & 3 step children. I'm working in the schools providing physical therapy services. I've been a band parent for 6 years. Matt played baritone for 3 years and is presently at R.I.T. for software engineering. Jeneane played flute, and is presently at Oswego State. Kim is a senior baritone player and headed for Wells college next year. Amber played French horn, and is currently as junior in high school. Jeremy plays the violin and is considering playing in the pit if football doesn't work out next year. Camille, 2nd grade, can't wait to get into the music program in the near future. She plans on being in the color guard. As you can see, band has continued on in my life. I have had quite a bit of fun as a band parent, the kids have been great. The grand canyon was one of the greatest sites that I have visited with the band.

 Dr. Dean Goewey Email: dgoewey@oswego.org  Instrument: Drum Major 78, 79, 80 and Percussion

Favorite piece of band music:  Armenian Dances - Wind Ensemble

Favorite Band trip/memory  1980 Orange Bowl

Presently: Superintendent of Schools Oswego City School District Married to Linda Bartello since 1986 Three sons; Nicholas, Matthew and Alexander....all grown up


 Chris (Beadle) Pecora   _Email: Cpecora6@gmail.com  Instrument: Mellophone

Favorite piece of band music: Has to be"home " for maRching band... Got to play it in front of cinderellas castle . For wind ensemble it would have to be The Pines of Rome, Pictures at an Exhibition$ fanfare for a common man

Favorite Band trip/memory: Standing on the field at the orange bowl next to Steve Sequin, snapping our horns up and watching his mouthpiece fall to the ground... Poor Steve.. Couldn't play a note...

Presently: Live in Oswego with my husband snd two kids. Working in the pharmaceutical industry so.. Not using that music Ed degree I got, but very happy with the work I doNot up to much other than being a band mom... Two years to go which I know will zoom by. Looking to start playing again but need to get my chops back




April Cregg Email: DanCregg@Aol.com Instrument: Mellophone / French Horn

Favorite piece of band music: When we did "Home" from the Wiz and let out the Balloon rainbow at the end...That was a long long time ago...

Favorite Band trip/memory If I had to pick one, it would be my days with Polly Peterson...Her and I never seemed to get along. Seemed we were always in competition for each other. To tell you the truth, I would love to get a hold of her now so we could sit down and have a good laugh together.

Presently: Orange, California Well I am now 35 and have 2 children. I have been living in California since 1983 and am a preschool teacher.

Patrick MacDougall  _Email: patsab@sbcglobal.net Instrument   Trumpet

Favorite Band Music :   Rossini's "Scherzo For Band" and Rimsky-Korsakov's "Scheherazade"

Favorite Band Trip:  Florida when we finshed 2nd but won the bid to be the Host band for the Orange Bowl Parade.

Presently    Sunny Southern California.Happily Married with 2 Beautiful Daughters, one dog and one turtle! I've been in the music business since 1986 as a Recording Engineer and also run a private studio.

Bill McSweeney  Email: wcmcsweeney@hotmail.com Instrument: Percussion

Favorite Band trip/memory Florida - 2x

Presently:  Raising 4 kids, finishing College, teaching

Chris (Ruttan) Castiglia    Email: ccastigl@oswego.edu  Instrument:  Flute/Wind Ensemble; Rifle/ Marching Band

Favorite piece of band music: La Belle Helene

Favorite Band trip/memory    I would have to say that some of my best memories would be the great times we had on the buses going to and from competitions. We always had great times. How about the twenty-nine hour bus ride to Florida?! The song "Freebird" brings back a lot of these memories!

Presently:  I live in Oswego and have been married to my husband Bob since 1986. We have a son, Matt, who is in 6th grade at Minetto School and is a budding trombonist!I graduated from Oswego State in 2002 with a degree in Elementary Education. I am currently a graduate student in the Literacy Program at Oswego and hoping to find a full time job soon!


Colleen (Boyea) Fenton Email: mick1665@hotmail.com Instrrument: Clarinet/Bass Clarinet

Favorite piece of band music:  New York State of Mind

Favorite Band trip/memory:  The Orange Bowl Parade in Miami. We also had a stop at Disney and marched down "Main Street USA". But the Orange Bowl: we were the Queen's Escorts and did a small number; however our TV fame was cut short because the giant Orange Man balloon got away from the handlers and delayed the parade. Big disappointment to our families back home! Also I remember marching down the back streets of Miami and the little kids running through our formation and tugging on a trombone just ahead of me!

Presently:  I have been living in Hillsborough, North Carolina (yes, I'm now a certified "Tar Heel") for the past 9 nine years. I have two children, my son is 6 and my daughter is 8. They do show musical talent! My son loves to "bang" on anything in his way (a future percussionist, definitely) and my daughter has a real talent for picking up music notes on the piano. I work at the University of North Carolina and even though I miss Oswego, I visit when I can and I TRULY do not miss the winter weather!

LISA      Email:arnoldtiflis@aol.com  Instrument: Percussion

Favorite piece of band music:  Don't Cry For Me Argentina, New York State Of Mind

Favorite Band trip/memory:   Orlando we marched in the Disney World parade, Tennesee when we ruled as we always did on our out of state trips, Carrier Dome 1982 (I think),Kris Licht let me use her snare drum cause my bottom tom ripped on the trip there,THANKS KRIS


Alan Leavens  Email: aleav1@yahoo.com Instrument:  trumpet

Favorite Band Music :   NY State of Mind

Favorite Band Trip:  The year that we played in the great bands of the Orange Bowl in Miami Florida and marched at Disney World in Orlando Florida. Who would have thought that I would go back to Florida years laters to stay. Enjoying times with the symphony band with "Tony Joe"

Presently:   Jacksonville: "Where Florida Begins". Yep, blue skies, warm beaches and No Snow, but too many hurricanes,(;    Happily married with one son (ten years old). Did a 4-year tour in the Navy, traveled to San Diego CA, finally made it down to Kingsbay, Ga and ultimately landed in Jacksonville, FL in 1988. Been here ever since. Currently work as a Police Officer for the past 15 years and still loving it. Last time in Oswego was in July 2001.



PENNY CLARK   Email:  pennyc90@hotmail.com       Instrument clarinet

Favorite piece of band music:
  So many yet so little space! To list a few...Marching Band - definitely "New York State of Mind," and "Ice Castles"...Wind Ensemble - "Pineapple Poll," "Academic Festival Overture," "Die Fledermaus," "Aegean Festival Overture," "Overture to Candide," "Diamond Variations," "Toccata and Fugue in D minor," "La Belle Helene," "Pictures at an Exhibition"...OK, that's enough!

Favorite Trip: The Marching Band trip to Miami. It was the first time I had ever been away from home, in a somewhat tropical place (the day at the beach was the best), WITHOUT PARENTS, stepping in horse dung during the Orange Bowl parade...ewww! Also, it was a great feeling when we first put on our brand new uniforms instead of the big "0" (Yep, I wore those, spats and all...it wasn't pretty!)

Presently:  Ended up back in Oswego after being in a few different states. Finishing my masters in counseling and thoroughly enjoying watching both of my children perform with the marching band! My daughter plays the clarinet and my son is a drummer. What an odd experience to see your kids out there doing the exact same thing you did!

Lisa Blum Gray  Email: lgray@usa.com  Instrument: 2 years clarinet/2 years "front group"

Favorite piece of band music:  New York State of Mind

Favorite Band Trip:   Nashville - 1982 Twenty-one years later my dad still says "There will NEVER be another band like 1982." And those of you who know him know there's no arguing with him! The competition was thrilling, the band was awesome - it was the best! Add the World's Fair and Opryland - and some boneless chicken - and it was a fantastic trip!

Presently:  Still in Oswego - Scriba, actually. I work as a Public Relations Reporter at Oswego County BOCES.I have been married to my high school sweetheart for 16 years and we have 3 children who are all a bit too much like their mom and grandpa for their own good. Kailyn, 12, is mini-me. She looks like me, acts like me and plays clarinet like I did. (Poor Mr. Quirk!) Tyler is 9 1/2 and plays violin. His teacher says he has a natural ear for music. She left out his natural bend towards mischief! Caroline is almost 5 and loves to dance and sing.

I get to watch my nieces and nephews torment the band instructors now!

Mark Holly Email: mark_holly@gasonics.com Instrument: Trumpet

Favorite piece of band music:  Scheherezade my Freshman year. The triple tonguing was murder!

Favorite Band Trip:  Had to be the Florida Disney World parade. I was actually in 8th grade at the time. The band was so big it both started and ended the parade route at the same time. Talk about phasing problems.

Presently:  I currently live in Burlington Vermont. I am working in the microelectronics industry as a Field Service Engineer. I am married, Wife MaryFran. One child Nikoli.


Gamin Bartle  Email:  gamin_bartle@yahoo.com  Instrument: alto saxophone

Favorite piece of band music:  Capriccio Espagnol, plus all of the fun Jazz Ensemble music!

Favorite Band Trip:  Hm, there were a lot of good times! I guess the trip to Florida in 1985 was the most fun, also it was bittersweet because it was not too long before graduation.

Presently  I just moved to Madison, New Jersey, where I am working in Instructional Technology Services at Drew University. First, let me say that there is no way I finished high school 20 years ago! Before my most recent move (see above), I lived and worked in Alabama for 7 years, and before that I was in grad school at the University of Virginia. In between I've lived/studied in German and Switzerland. In May 2005 I went on a fabulous trip to China, and I hope to eventually put up a web site of pictures from that!

Charla Kordana Email: kordana@gci.net Instrument: Winds/Piccolo

Favorite piece of band music: 1982 book that included New York State of Mind and Don't Cry for me Argentina

Favorite Band Trip:  1985 trip to Orlando, Florida, with the entire music department. Every band performed well but the highlight was performing with the Wind Ensemble. Very fun bus ride to and from FL.

Presently Anchorage, Alaska. Married Kris Kordana in 1995 who is in the US Air Force. Moving around accordingly so far living in Davis, California, for 4 years and now Alaska. Work as the Director of Member and Public Relations for a trade organization called ARECA-Alaska's Electric Association. Alaska's a great place to live and the winter's aren't nearly as bad as Oswego!

Doug Rice  Email: kordana@gci.net Instrument: Trumpet

Favorite piece of band music: The whole 1982  show ...it was awesome

Favorite Band Trip:   I have Two. The 1982 Contest of Champions. What a great trip and experience. Then of course the 1985 Orange Blossom Festival. That was totally Awesome!!!!!!!

Presently    Living in Hannibal/Oswego ...Working as a corrections officer for the Oswego County Sheriffs Dept.


Patrick Carter Email: mppat@twcny.rr.com  Sousaphone

Favorite piece of band music: Conquest

Favorite Band Trip: Winning the Whole Shooting Match in Orange Blossom Festival in '83

Presently:  Living in Oswego, just can;t get enough of this place!!??!? Graphic Artist at Mitchell Printing in Oswego (13 years) Director of a Mid York Novice Class Color Guard (Crystal Vision), sponsored by the Port City Shoremen, Inc., a non-profit organization I created with aspirations of someday starting a Junior Drum & Bugle Corps.

Angela (Colasurdo) Herrera  Email: angelaherrera68@cox.net Instrument: Front Group

Favorite piece of band music: Too numerous to mention, but the year with "New York State of Mind" was pretty amazing.

Favorite Band Trip:  Also too many fabulous memories to pick just one, but if I must, I guess the trip to Tennessee as first pick with the trip to Florida as a close second.

Presently:    I've been living in Phoenix, AZ for ten years now. You don't have to shovel heat!!  I'm married to a US Marine. I have two children, Rachel, who is 7 and Isabella, who is 18 months. I've been a 7th grade English teacher for 9 years.(Yes, I actually like those 12-13 year olds!)

Kris Licht EmailRocesBladr@earthlink.net     Snare Drum

Favorite piece of band music:  Everything...there are no favorites. Best year, though, was the '82 Show...<sigh> "Don't Cry For Me, Argentina"...beautiful, beautiful.

Favorite Band TripEvery day was a memory, but the best trip was to Tennessee...we kicked some serious BUTT at that competition!!! Oh yeah!! Times with friends, Jill, Cindy, Michelle...the whole danged gang!

Presently: I'm in Odessa, Texas...that's West Texas...seen the movie, "Varsity Blues"? It's about this town...with a little "editing". It's based on the book, "Bright Lights, Big city." This is a FOOTBALL town, folks...good lord. The Marching Panthers of Permian High School get my attention now. I go to EVERY game just to relive the marching memories. Oh What fun! Remember the little girl, Jessica? The one that fell in the well so long ago? Yeah? She's from the next town over, Midland. She's still in school over there...only, she's changed her name. Gov. George W. Bush...(Hope he wins!) is from Midland, Texas....Odessa is to Midland like Scriba is to Oswego...they're twin cities...
     I've been working, mostly. Right now I'm a computer lab technician for Odessa College. I worked as a Technical Intern at the Midland Community Theatre designing sets. Went to school, got a heck of a lot of education under my belt, and a B.A. in Theatre. Never stopped playing the drums. I've been in 4 or 5 rock bands...loved them all...still play...just not in a band. I'm going to Texas Tech in a few years to get my Masters in Theatre. Thinking about teaching. My favorite past-time is writing, though. I'm currently working on a novel. (Man I write a lot!)

Jim Piazza Email: italjimny@aol.com Trombone

Favorite piece of band music:  don't cry for me argentina

Favorite Band Trip: contest of champions in tenn

Presently: Pittsford NY, work in health care and have played in senior drum corps in rochester ny

Michelle (Sawyer) Angelina Email: dragonette36@hotmail.com  Instrument: Banner Line/Front

Favorite piece of band music:  It was all good!

Favorite Band Trip: They were all great, Tenn., Florida, West Virginia.

Presently:     Still in Oswego.  Well, I have been married for almost 12 years now, with three children. My daughter has been in the color guard for 4 years, next year she is going to the Pit. My oldest son plays trumpet and is in 6th grade (not long before he is in the Marching Band). My youngest son will start playing the drums next year in 4th. So, I am in for a long role as a "Band Parent". Also, going to school full time to get a degree in Computer Information Systems

Neel Shah   Email: nshah@performancelogic.com   Trombone

Favorite piece of band music:   Pines of Rome

Favorite Band Trip:    The trip to Florida with all of the bands and our group of eight!

Presently:  Living and working in New York City  for company I founded ..a  Healthcare Internet Company called PerformanceLogic.com


Jodi Rossman-Rockower   Email: jodir@nycap.rr.com Instrument: percussion

Favorite music:  The seventh Sign-senior year-runner up-can't help falling in love

Favorite trip:   Orlando of course... even though Tenessee was cool, nothing was cooler than getting the judges to flinch on our snap during the parade for the orange blossom parade.

Presently:  I live in Niskayuna, NY. (outside of Albany)  Many things... but mostly I am married, have a lovely daughter, and working with emotionally disturbed youth in all sorts of settings, from teaching, to homeless youth shelters to currently being a licensed clinician for a BOCES.


Chris Sherman    Email: sherm642@yahoo.com Instrument: Euphonium

Favorite Band Music Pines of Rome, and any of the "Hindsley" transcriptions

Favorite Band Trip: 1985 Florida, and all of the guests we have hosted

Presently in:  Ashtabula, Ohio (where? ;) Just moved here with my girlfriend after 2 years in New York City. Currently doing some substitute teaching in the area.

Patrick Salsbury  Email: salsbury@sculptors.com Instrument: Baritone Sax

Favorite Band Music Currently, I'd say The Firebird, by Stravinsky. Just went to see "Fantasia 2000" last month, and the ending piece was "Firebird" and it just blew me away. I remembered every note, and found all these wonderful memories flooding back. Very powerful.

Favorite Band Trip: Hmm. Hard to say. The Florida trip of '85 was lots of fun. Then again, much of it was a lot of fun. :-)

Presently in: Santa Cruz, CA. About 1.5 hours south of San Francisco, and about 45 minutes south of Silicon Valley. Living in a geodesic dome at the end of the road in the Santa Cruz mountains. :-)

 I'm currently a networking consultant for a company called Predictive Systems (symbol: PRDS) and help companies design, build, and tune large scale computer networks.  In my spare time, I am working on figuring out solutions to global housing/food/water/energy/education shortages, in a project called the Reality Sculptors Project. You can find out more (and help out) by going to http://reality.sculptors.com/  I also run a bunch of mailing lists, including one specifically for OHS graduates! If you want to get back in touch with some old friends, or let us know what you're up to, send an email message to "ohs-grads-request@sculptors.com" and just put the word "subscribe" in the subject line. Everything else is automatic. Hope to see some of you there! :-)  Pat


Andrea (Parker) Wischerath Email:  awish@juno.com French Horn
Favorite Band Music: They were all my favorites!!!

Presently:  Teaching music in Watertown. I just had a beautiful baby girl, Madelyn Elizabeth!!

Joseph Prisco  Email: popezaphod@mac.com Instrument: bass clarinet, tenor sax
Favorite Band Music: It's a tie: "Pines of Rome" - "Lincolnshire Posy" - "The Armies of the Omnipresent Otserf"

Favorite Band Trip: (1) Beating Liverpool's marching band. When the announcer said, "In fourth place with a score of [whatever], Li-" that's when all of the Bucs just freaked out. We broke into the Top Three! It CAN be done! (2) Hearing that we made the finals in Tennessee '86 (I think that's the year) and hearing Keith Hinrichs yell louder than I thought possible.

Presently:  Ithaca, NY. I do computer support for the dept. of Biomedical Sciences at the Vet College at Cornell University. Alas, nothing dreadfully musical. Well, I mixed some dance tunes with some PC software, and I play African hand drums - the djembe in particular. Beyond that, just getting through this thing called life.

Kim (MacLean) Westcott  Email: kwest@bridgemicro.com  Rifles and Bannerline

Favorite piece of band music:  Superman from Fall 1987 (Senior Year)

Favorite Band Trip: Hmmmm...Florida in 1988...It was the best of times.

Presently: Still here in Oswego...Working...and back at school to get my Bachelor Degree in Information Science (Oswego State) http://www.listwebdesign.com  It's been a busy 10+ years...Did I really say that???? 10+ years?? sheesh!! Time flies!

John Greeney    Email: johngreeney@yahoo.com  Instrument: Saxophonist/Symphonic Band Percussion/Bari Sax Marching Band

Favorite music:   That is a very hard question to answer,  a lot were Powerful. But I would have to say the toss up is Channel One Suite by Buddy Rich and Superman

Favorite trip:   Well it would have to be the Orange Blossom festival in Orlando Florida. We took it all baby LOL. Miss all of ya more now than ever. Been a long time.

Presently:  I am currently living in San Diego, CA. I work as an Embalmer/Funeral Director here. I love my job. it gives me a sense of compassion in life and better understanding of people Well I have two children whom I love more than anything, I graduated high school , Joined the US Marine Corps Went to Gulf in 90-91. Came back Got in trouble a little. Cleaned my act up and here I am. All who knew me knows I have a sense of finding trouble. LOL Miss ya


Kevin Layman   Email:  kevin871@yahoo.com  Instrument: Saxophone

Favorite piece of band music:    Russian Christmas Music: performed by OHS Wind Ensemble on December 15, 1985, conducted by Edward Lisk.

Favorite Band Trip:   1985 (or was it late 1984?) trip to Orlando Florida. We won nearly every category.   Oswego's music program instilled in me a love of music that I carry with me to this day. Thank-you Ed Lisk and Tony Joseph.

Presently:  Living in Blacksburg, Virginia.  Lived in NYC from 1989 through 1997. Earned a Bachelor of Music degree from Manhattan School of Music. Worked on Wall Street for a few years. Later decided to get into a more technical/quantitative line of work, so I'm getting a degree in computer engineering at Virginia Tech.

Eric Rosenberg  Email:  wxyz1@esrcal.com Instrument: piano/percussion/Asst. Drum Major

Favorite piece of band music:   Pines of Rome conducted by Edward Lisk.

Favorite Band Trip:   Senior year I got to lead the Marching Band in the 4th of July parade as Drum Major. Woo hoo!

Presently:  2458 Longacre AvenueGranada Hills, CA 91344-2003    Currently run the piano sheet music website www.pianolane.com for Alfred Publishing. Prior to that, served as a musical director and pianist for Princess Cruise Lines. Oh, and I got married in 2001, amazingly enough.

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