90's Alumni


Karin (Licht) Bias  Email: FrogKissingLady@msn.com  Instrument:Color Guard

Favorite music:  I loved Don't Cry for Me Argentina

Favorite trip:  All the trips were great! Loved winning tons of awards on my first trip to Orlando in '84

Presently:  Chattanooga, TN, let me know when you all are coming back down to Murfreesboro. I would love to see the competition. It's only an hour and a half away from me. Married, divorced, two pre-teens (ugh!) My son is very musical, daughter is into theater.

Gary Budd  Email  garyb@srcstory.com   Instrument: Trumpet

Favorite Band Music :  Superman

Favorite Band Trip: "Sorry Ed, we're still in bed." (written on Mr. Lisk's chalkboard for him to see during first period Wind Ensemble after the Arizona trip.)

Presently:  In Atlanta Georgia. Working as a Public Relations Counselor for Sawyer Riley Compton in Atlanta, Ga.

Jason Gilchrist   Email yankeefan8564@yahoo.com  Instrument: Percussion

Favorite Band Music:  Wind Ensemble, Christmas concert 1989- Franz Liszt "Les Preludes" and Jazz Band May 1989- That whole show was incredible!

Favorite Band Trip: Fiesta Bowl 1989-90 A five mile parade! The drum line played the cadence the whole way and nobody fell out! I remember warming up for the rained out competition, it was the best we had ever played to that point.

Presently:  Director of Bands- Bessemer City, North Carolina 20 miles outside Charlotte. Nick Baratta is writing my show again this year!  BME- Mars Hill College, May 1999 Married to Jennifer, July 18, 1999 Son, Thomas Jonathan born November 1, 1999! My wife and I both teach at Bessemer City, band and chorus. Our jobs are a full time family commitment, and Jonathan loves to drum at one year old!

Stephanie Poydock Email: poydie@hotmail.com  Instrument: Marching Band, Wind Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble, Symphonic Band - Alto Sax, Tenor Sax

Favorite Band Music: Too many to list! But "You're the Inspiration" is hard to beat!

Favorite Band Trip: Fiesta Bowl: 1989-1990, great time had by all! The coconut-cruiser, the Orange Yang Gang, among many others.

Presently: Living in Rochester, NY. Working for Interim Technology Consulting. Just got engaged on Thanksgiving Day 1999 in Niagara Falls to Andrew Bazinet. Summer 2001 wedding in the works!

Deb Vickery Email: vickery@oswego.edu  Instrument: Tuba/Euphonium/Trombone

Favorite Band Music: I'm going to have to say selections. "Overture of 1812", "Toccata and Fugue", "Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night", "Stars and Stripes Forever", "The Cowboy", etc... in Wind Ensemble.

Favorite Band Trip: I have many memories of being a member of the Oswego Bands. A lot of them great ones. My favorite band memory would have to be playing in Wind Ensemble with Ed Lisk. Ed Lisk not only taught you about music, he taught you about LIFE. What he was able to teach us about life is priceless. Thank you Ed Lisk!

Presently: Currently I am working at SUNY Oswego (Oswego State) in the Residence Life and Housing Department as a Residence Hall Director. This past Academic Year I was the Director of Funnelle Hall which houses up to 408 students(1st year thru senior). This coming Academic Year I will be moving to Riggs Hall which houses the First Year Experience Program (Freshman Only). Programs, such as this one, are the future trend of colleges and universities throughout the country. This summer I am Co-Director of Summer Conferences for Oswego State. I have just been selected as Co-Regional Coordinator for CSPA (College Student Personnel Association)-NYS, for the Heartland Region. Over the past year I have also been busy attending and coordinating conferences for CSPA as well as attending National Conferences. My plans are to stay in Higher Education, which will allow me to work at various universities/colleges, around the country if I choose, before I decide to settle down. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Education and a Master's Degree in Human Services Counseling. I have lived in Virginia (near Richmond) and am now back in Oswego working at Oswego State. Before that I substitute taught, was a bookkeeper for St. Paul's Parish and Academy, and was the Director of Religious Education for St. Paul's Parish in Oswego. My travels over the past seven years have brought me to Chicago, Boston, Florida, Texas (Longview/Tyler), Louisiana (New Orleans), Virginia, North Carolina (Charlotte/Hickory) and all over the state of Utah.


Canadice 'Candy' Stein   Email: ccs2@cornell.edu  Instrument Flute/ Piccolo

Favorite Band Music :  Superman theme! We had the best grand pause near the end as everyone lined up from end zone to end zone... very dramatic.

Favorite Band Trip:    Specific Memory: Standing at the Carrier Dome hearing them announce finals Senior year... they got to fourth place and didn't say Oswego. We finally broke the top three! (Not to mention breaking rank, we were all more than happy with 3rd) Orange Blossom Festival freshman year and Fiesta Bowl Junior year were loads of fun. Had anyone ever seen so many trophies? We had a great bunch of trips, but the best memory was finally breaking into the top 3 at the Dome Senior year... Wahoo!

PresentlyDallas/ Fort Worth Texas.   Moved to Vermont for about five years after Cornell and then headed off to Texas. Currently working in Systems Engineering at Lockheed Martin in Fort Worth. Enjoying Dallas Stars games and warmer weather, although I do miss the the four seasons, fall colors and a good lake effect snow storm now and then! Going to a hockey game when itís 60 degrees is a bit strange...  

Rorie  (Dalziell) Doty  Email: roriedoty@charter.net   Instrument: Color Guard

Favorite Band Music: You're the Inspiration - Chicago Close Encounters

Favorite Band Trip: The Fiesta Bowl in Arizona

Presently:  Living in Milford Connecticut   Went to SUNY ESF at Syracuse and earned a degree in Paper Science Engineering (or Chemical Eng. for those not familiar). Worked for various companies from N.C. to Michigan to Maine to Connecticut as a Process Engineer up to my current position as an operations team leader for Kimberly Clark Corporation (making Kleenex.....). I spend a lot of time traveling and exploring the North East with my husband Pat..  

Mike Parker  Email: jamipajr@yahoo.com  Instrument: Trombone

Favorite Band Music: Lord of the Rings"

Favorite Band Trip: West Virginia 1989

Presently   New Brunswick, NJ, I am at medical school at Robert Wood Johnson at Rutgers University


Amy (Green) Varel    Email: avarel@mccmlaw.com   Instrument: Flute

Favorite Band Music:  Pineapple Poll

Favorite Band Trip:  the fiesta bowl trip

Presently    I am in Rochester New York. I work as a corporate and business attorney in a mid size firm in Rochester New York. I also just got married in September 2002.

Amy Rockower    Email: amybetrock@juno.com Instrument: Baritone

Favorite Band Music:  the chicago show

Favorite Band Trip:  the fiesta bowl trip in 1990 or 1991 not sure.........and conquering Liverpool at the dome show 

Presently    I am in Troy new York. Working in the health care field.



David Rockower  Email:  drockenstien@juno.com  Instrument: Percussion--section leader 1992-93

Favorite Band Music   That is Very tough--as I participated in so many different productions. All of them written by Nick Baratta. The Beatles year--(1992)-- was quite an eye opener for me-as were the Chicago years

Favorite Band Trip: I experienced a couple great trips with the group. 1989's Arizona trip was very cool--just before the band was to go on--the dry weather got the best of me and I got a very persistent nosebleed!! However, my favorite trip would have to be 1993"s spring trip to Florida to play at--of all places--disneyworld!!

Presently: I am living in Dewitt, NY.  After high school, I enrolled in the newly created jazz performance (drum set) curriculum at Onondaga Community College under the instruction of Larry Luttinger of the Syracuse Symphony. After two years, I had leaned more in the guitar direction--and took a gig with the nationally renowned Aerosmith Tribute--Toys in the Attic. After touring on and off for about two years, I was asked to join the team at MCI records in Memphis Tennessee--famous for it's dealings with Elvis Presley, and Jerry Lee Lewis. After almost a year, and countless production calls, I returned home to persue playing again. These Days you can find me onstage with my band "Square Pegs", almost anywhere in the Northeast United States, or you can hear what I've been up to at http://www.mp3.com/rockenstien

Brandie Noyes Email brandien@dreamscape.com Instrument: Flute/Piccolo
Favorite Band Music   The Pop's Show that we played at the Armory

Favorite Band Trip : Too many to write down, if I had to pick, winning Grand Champions at Disney World

Presently: I just finished my Master's Degree in Reading Education.  I am in Oswego, and working with the Marching Band and teaching 4th grade in Sandy Creek.  


Carolyn K. Castiglia  Email: ckc_molly@yahoo.com Instrument: Trumpet in Wind Ens. Flag in Marching Band

Favorite Band Music    The Lord of the Rings - god, I loved that thing! I loved every piece of music we ever played, though.

Favorite Band Trip :  Oh my God - is this even happening?! I have the best memories of Tony Joseph up at the podium. He would get so into whatever he was conducting and make the best Italian-inspired hand gestures. I also received a tremendous compliment from Bill Palange in the middle of rehearsal my first year in Marching Band. I was dancing during one of the ballads in The Beatles set that we did, and he shouted, "Carolyn Castiglia that was absolutely beautiful!" right into the megaphone as I finished a tour jete. I'll never forget that. =)

Presently: I am in New York City having the time of my life! I moved here about a year ago. I have been auditioning, improvising (on Broadway between 99th and 100th), taking voice lessons (with a fabulous soprano from ...Phantom...), creating and performing two cabaret's at Danny's on 46th (Restaurant Row) and acting in summer stock in Westminster, MD. I am about to leave on tour for 3 months as Pippi Longstocking for American Family Theatre. We'll hit VA, NC, SC, GA, FL and AL. Should be a riot! I love kids...I also just got engaged to the best guy a girl could ask for. We are very happy, and I'm very happy, too! I miss everyone I knew from my high school days. I was just sharing memories with some friends, so I thought I'd look for an OHS website, and there it was! Love to friends and teachers past...p.s. - I never forget that without all the musical training I got at OHS I wouldn't be where I am today, so, remember that when I become famous, okay? =)  To keep current on my activities, check out my website at http://www.auditionsinteractive.com/carolyn I am making my stand-up debut at Caroline's on Broadway and will perform in Amsterdam, The Netherlands around Christmas! Love to all...

Jay Dennison  Email: jjdennison@earthlink.net    Instrument: Trombone

Favorite Band Music    CHICAGO SHOW

Favorite Band Trip :  Trip to Arizona. That was my first trip on a plane.

Presently: Fort Wayne Indiana,  Teaching Band at Maconaquah Middle School and High School

Erin (Foley) Gordon   Email: erinelf@eringordon.com Instrument: alto sax

Favorite Band Music    Beauty and the Beast

Favorite Band Trip :  Trip to Florida

Presently: Oswego ...I teach migrant children in Red Creek. They are between the ages of 10 months to 18 months, usually. I just bought a house a little over a year ago. I just got a puppy too.

Katie Lyons  Email: kalamitykate@hotmail.com  Instrument: Flute

Favorite Band Music     Marching Band - The Planets Wind Ensemble - Carmina Burana

Favorite Band Trip :     Florida, but I even had fun on the trips to local competitions.    Mostly I remember sharing lots of experiences (freezing weather, good and bad scores, loud applause, etc.) with a great group of people

Presently: Yosemite National Park   I'm a backcountry law enforcement ranger with the National Park Service. Currently I'm working at Yosemite in California and have the best job in the world. We get paid to hike, boat, play with helicopters, fight fires, and do other cool outdoors stuff, all in one of the most beautiful places in the world. I'm still too young to get married ;) but am happily dating a wonderful firefighter.



Christina (Gianetto) Foster Email: cmfoster_ph@yahoo.com Instrument: Flute, Drum Major

Favorite Band Music       Marching Band - A Chorus Line Wind Ensemble - it's a toss up between Fountainhead and LOTR. :)

Favorite Band Trip :     FLORIDA! :) The bus trip down...Jen Hanley...like 3am...that's all I'm going to say - if you were there, you'll remember what I'm talking about. :)

Presently:     Liverpool, NY   Let's see - got my Batchelor of Business Administration in Accounting from St. Bonaventure University in 1999, MBA from OSU in 2000. Got a job in public accounting with Ernst & Young (Big 5 accounting firm). Got married to Heath Foster (class of 1993) in June 2001. Bought a house in April 2002. Got out of public accounting and got a job with UTC at Carrier in Sept 2002. Had some free time since I wasn't working 80 hours a week anymore, so I started my own home-based business selling Princess House (we have some AWESOME new products - great for wedding and holiday gifts! *grin*). And...Heath and I just adopted a British Shorthair kitten (purebred) that we named Celeste in Sept 2003. :)


Joe Glerum  Email: jglerum@msn.com Instrument: Saxophone

Favorite Band Music    Too many to list...

Favorite Band Trip :  Florida and all the MB trips

Presently: Lexington, KY working at IBM

Robert McCarthy  Email: Robbiemac2001@yahoo.com Instrument: Baritone/Alto Saxophone

Favorite Band Music    Even though I loved them all, I'd have to say that my favorite was Dave (1996 marching band) and The Fountainhead (1995). The chance we had to work with Steven Melillo was one that I'm glad that i was a part of.

Favorite Band Trip :  My favorite trip was to Disneyworld. I just can't believe that I missed a chance to see michael jackson by about a second. My friend john Gioia and I had just walked out of this gift shop in MGM when these two big guys walked by us and blocked the doorway. We stood there to see what was going on and all we heard were girls screaming. We thought that someone was trying to rob the place or something. But when some other band members came out with glowing faces and smiles ear to ear they told us. It was no big deal. But it would have been cool to meet him, and give me a great story to tell grandkids, lol.

Presently: Right now I'm back home in Oswego. I came home to live with family and give them a chance to see my son. I haven't really decided yet if I'm staying. Since the economy is kinda shaky here, and jobs seem to be hard to come by. But I plan to be around, checking out the marching band for sure. And helping out if Mr Palange would let me.   I left for boot camp in October 1995. From there I wa stationed in Orlando, FL at the Nuclear Power Training school they had there. I didn't seem to fit in there and had some trouble, so I was sent out to the fleet. I felt much better after I left. Because on my next command, Uss John Rodgers DD-983 I came across another more interesting field of study. Gas turbines. I worked in the oil lab, which deals with the testing and transferring of fuel for the ship. After the ship was ordered to decommission, in which i became a plankowner, I was transferred to Great Lakes. Where i followed the pipeline for the basic engineering studies. After two months of that I was in the Gas turbine A school for 8 weeks which taught me the fundamentals and working parts of the turbine. Finally finishing up with the Electrical core for the GSE rating that I was to receive. I finished my last two years on the USS DOYLE FFG-39. I have been out since December 2000. I moved back home last september 10th. And unfortuneately i had to awake to my first day back here in Oswego to the attacks of the 11th.


Teddy Beers Email: tbeers@oswego.org  Instrument: Trumpet

Favorite Band Music:   Beauty and the Beast-Marching, Carmina Baruna-Orchestra, Moondance-Jazz Band and Wind Ensemble-everything

Favorite Band Trip:  winning the first chap stick award at the banquet in 1995

Presently:  Teaching Adaptive Physical Education in the Oswego City School District, getting married, coaching sports, and teaching.

Patrick Conaway   Email:ibarakipatto@hotmail.com  Instrument: Trumpet

Favorite Band Music:  Chorus line (auburn in the snow i think) Carmina Burana, the Dante's inferno based piece and the one based on Moby Dick. I still do the chanting from Father Mapple every now and again.

Presently: Teaching English and studying traditional Japanese music in Japan.  Just played two sold out shows with our group in front of about 1,000 for each show. also got on Japanese TV.

 Chris Eriksson Email: skinny91@hotmail.com Instrument: Trombone

Favorite Band Music: Beauty and the Beast for Marching Band Lord of the Rings for Wind Ensemble

Favorite Band Trip:  The Trombone section my senior year and the trip to Boston.

Presently: Working on graduating in a year with a degree in Secondary Education at Suny Cortland

 Jenny Russell  Email: jruss79@twcny.rr.com Instrument: guard & winterguard

Favorite Band Music:  winterguard-like the rain, marchingband-beauty and the beast

Favorite Band Tripwinning 1st place at the windjammers international

Presently: hanging out with old friends and new friends. Working at Oswego Hospital

Mike Stark  Email: jcpunk777@aol.com  Instrument: drum line and every band in ohs

Favorite Band Music:   Lord of the rings in wind ensemble

Favorite Band Trip:  Our Boston trip comes to mind when Eiriksson ate all the sour patch kids and flipped his wig and passed out on the bed. and the New Jersey trip when we won every trophy we could win

Presently:  living it up in nashvegas (nashville for you illiterate peeps).  I work at journeys at the mall in Nashville

Natalie Syrell Leotta  Email: nleotta@gmail.com Instrument:  Mellophone/French Horn

Favorite Band Music: Beauty and the Beast

Favorite Band Trip:  I absolutely loved the trip to Boston. It's a great city to visit. That was my first trip there.  I've been back since then and can't wait to go again!

Presently: I graduated from SUNY Oswego in May 2001 and married Dan Leotta shortly thereafter.  We moved to Maryland where I started working for IMS ( www.imsweb.com) as a programmer/analyst.  In 2005 we moved up to the Binghamton area and live here now.  We had our first child, Samantha, in November 2004, and are expecting our second, Thomas, in October 2007.


Heather Voorhees   Email: mailto:mtink_1228@yahoo.com  Instrument  Flute/Piccolo

Favorite Band Music    Some Marching Band Selections as well as Symphonic Orchestra pieces.

Favorite Band Trip:  Tee hee... I would have to go with the trip to Tennessee. That was a blast back then. And the first time I ever played with the band, a football game when I was only in 8th grade. The overwhelming rush of emotions... from anxiety to excitement. Wow!

Presently New Haven, CT... working for Yale University.... who would've guessed?!? Feel free to contact me at tink_1228@yahoo.com or see myspace, sweetheatherinct.   Well, believe it or not, I spent 5 years in the Navy as a photographer... was stationed on 2 aircraft carriers and basically saw the world. I loved it! I also have a 5 year old son, Alexander Kai who is my world! I guess the love for music is hereditary... he LOVES classical music and adores this little cartoon on Disney called Little Einsteins.

Jason Gibson  Email: gibby@twcny.rr.com Instrument: Tenor/Bari Sax

Favorite Band Music:Chewin' the Fat, Mack the Knife, Concerto for Cootie, Carmina Burana... Too many to list them all.

Favorite Band trip: The Farmers market show and the Jazz Band trip to Hamilton College... Playing with Chris Vadala, Mark Kellogg, Vincent DiMartino, and Ed Shaughnnessy were things I couldn't have done elsewhere

Presently:  Oswego State.  Playing in Solid State Jazz, I have been the lead tenor for two years now. Playing in a small ensemble and some other projects like attempting to write a jazz combo chart..

Misty James  Email: MisticDiamond@aol.com  Instrument: flute/pit

Favorite Band Music: Fountainhead

Favorite Band Trip: Seniors Concert

Presently:  Just moved to Florida with my fiancee. Both of our parents live here. I am going to go to school down here in the spring. Looking for a good job here in the meantime.
1820 Zaminder St. NW Palm Bay, FL 32907

Brian Smith  Email: bsmith@hamilton.edu Instrument: Trumpet

Favorite Band Music: Mack the Knife, Full Court Press, ET theme, I don't know, there's a ton..

Favorite Band trip:.  Hmm... just being able to play with some amazing players lie Vinnie D. or Byron Stripling. Best jazz concerts were freshman year and senior year.

Presently:  Sophomore at Hamilton College, Clinton, NY. Playing in Hamilton's Jazz Ensemble, Orchestra, and lessons with Jeff Stockham

Julie Garrett   Email: jaekay22@yahoo.com Instrument: Flute/piccolo

Favorite Band Music The Fountainhead. Can you believe we really crammed all of us on that stage?

Favorite Band trip:.  The trip to Boston was tons of fun, but nothing can top winning in NJ.

Presently:  Currently serving proudly in the U.S. Army from Ft. Gordon, GA. After leaving Oswego in '96, I finished high school in Moreno Valley, CA. I joined the army immediately afterward, and look forward to going to school full-time in a few short years. Happily married and thinking of returning to the Oswego area, at least for a visit.


Angela M. Conzone Email: always923@yahoo.com Colorguard

Favorite Band music: I really hate to pick from the five years that I was involved but I'd have to say my senior year which was the Beatles Medley.

Favorite Band Trip: I loved both of our Tennessee trips but there are somany great memories that it's really hard to choose just one. Connecticut was great because I was a little eighth grader who didn't know what to expect from a competition out of town, but we won and I think that was probably the greatest feeling I've had on a band trip.

Presently: Right now I am starting my second semester at SUNY Fredonia as a music education vocal major with a dance minor and I am loving every minute of it. But I can't forget Marching Band so I promise to be back again this summer to help with the Color guard. You'll never get rid of me. I've actually been dancing in a concert that I had to audition for and I'm involved in the Women's Choir which has been challenging enough due to the selection of music our conductor has chosen for us to sing. I've also been practicing for Oswego's upcoming Alumni Concert and I hope that I sing well enough and meet everyone's expectations.

Jennifer Lynn Gianetto Email: jgianett@oswego.edu  Instrument: Clarinet (9-12) Assistant Drum Major (12)

Favorite Band Music: For WE, "Lord of the Rings" in the Festival of Windsmy sophomore year For MB, "La Fiesta Mexicana" my junior year

If I must pick just one, Johann de Meij's "Lord of the Rings" that we played in WE my sophomore year. It's such a phenomenal piece of music, and we played it so well we made the guest conductor cry!

Favorite Band Trip: The greatest moment of my marching band career was in1997, when the Marching Bucs played in the BOA Championship in Johnston City, Tennessee. I remember sitting up in the bleachers, listening with my fingers crossed as they announced all the awards we won in our class, and then, announced that we were finalists! We played so great and came in 6th out of, like, 24 bands. It was so cool to meet all the people from the other bands, everyone was so friendly. I remember standing on the field for retreat after the finals, and Whitney Chase was standing next to me going, "They didn't call us yet! I can't believe they didn't call us yet! Oh my God, we came in 6th! I can't believe we came in 6th!" It was probably the single greatest moment of MB for me.   It was such a rush! But all marching band trips, both short and long, were amazing, those were good times.

Presently: Still in Oswego for the time being, getting my Masters of Education at Oswego State.   I graduated from OSU in May 2003 with a degree in Elementary Education. During the summer of 2003, I worked with Success By 6 of Oswego County. On the whole, just been enjoying my college years and putting of adult responsibility as long as possible. :)   Oh, one more thing- No matter where I go or what Ibecome, my days as a band member have defined who I am. No matter what I'm FOREVER A BUCCANEER!!!

A. Erik Heath _Email: erikheath@usa.ne Instrument Sousaphone/Tuba

Favorite Band Music: Lord of the Rings

Favorite Band trip: Coast Guard Academy in Conneticut

Presently attending Rochester Institute of Technology

Anne Tiballi   _Email: antiballi@vassar.edu  InstrumenOboe/English Horn MB: Flute Drum Major 1998

Favorite Band Music:  Wind Ensemble: Lord of the Rings, Morning Star, Endurance Marching Band: 'Yesterday' 1998, company front segment 3

Favorite Band trip:  My favorite band memories consist of two parts; one, the elation of finishing a show that you KNOW you have done well, exhausted and but completely happy. And two, the camaraderie with the members of the band. So I guess my favorite memory of the first kind would be finishing the evening performance at the BOA Eastern Championships in 1997, and of the second, Liz Jackson and Kristin and Carrie Zaryski and I painting our toenails blue and silver before performances.


I am a freshman at Vassar College, in Poughkeepsie, NY. I am working towards a major in Anthropology, perhaps with a correlate in Medieval and Renaissance Studies. I live in Davison House, the best dorm on the face of the earth, with my roommate Emily, the best roommate on the face of the earth. So I think I have it pretty good.  I am trying not to overload myself with too many activities, but I can't seem to help myself. I play French horn in the Vassar College Orchestra, and I sang with the Mixed Choir last semester. I study voice privately, and am even being forced to sing in German, ugh!! But I love it, so I can't complain. Let's see, what else? I am the Freshman Representative for Davison House, and am running for dorm vice-president next year. I also serve on the Freshman Class Council, and am Secretary for the Class of 2003. Right now we're helping with the Seven Sisters Collegiate Conference, and were hoping to get Hillary Rodham Clinton to speak, but she's not returning our calls. I also play on the intramural volleyball team. I think that's it, for now at least. We'll see what happens next year :)

 Whitney Chase   Email: wdchase@yahoo.com Instrument: Clarinet 8-11

Favorite music:   Carmina Burana...

Favorite trip:  jazz band, trip to hamilton that was totally awesome, I really thought college food was like that. boy was i surprised when i went to college. probably getting the sousa award senior year, or the look on Mr. Palange's face when we showed him the lawn ornaments we put all over his yard...

Presently:  I'm in Little Rock Arkansas. I work in research at the University of Arkansas for Medical sciences. Went to grad school, finishing my Master's degree in Psych... Enjoying southern life, brewing beer and riding motorcycles! Heading to Hawaii in two weeks for a much needed vacation... website www.whitneyrocksmysocks.com


Pakey Hanley   _Email: pimonkey31415@aol.com Instrument: Flute

Favorite Band Music:  Morning Star.....:)

Favorite Band trip  :( I Didn't get to go on the trip. I left too soon. I just enjoyed playing with Y'ALL.

Presently  Back in sunny TX  - finishing high school Same old, same old. I made Head Drum Major here. Been playing lots of Holst and other stuff. Having an interesting time moving BACK to TX. I miss y'all.

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