William Shakespeare’s tragedy, Othello, focuses on love, devotion, deception and revenge: the love between Othello and Desdemona; the devotion of Desdemona’s attendant, Emilia; and the deception and revenge by Othello’s trusted friend, Iago (YEEah go). Each of the 4 banners used in the visual program incorporates design elements from the Elizabethan period. The 4 banners, representing Othello, Desdemona, Iago and Emilia, join together at the end of program, much like the fates of the four characters in Shakespeare’s tragedy. Alfred Reed’s musical portrayal of Othello remains a major masterwork for band. Reed’s music reflects the noble character of Othello, the purity and innocence of Desdemona, as well as the chaos created by the evil Iago.

Oswego was a finalist in the 1997 Bands of America Regional in Johnson City, TN, finishing 2nd in class AA. They have performed in Arizona, Florida, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Massachusetts, Tennessee, New Jersey and West Virginia. Oswego represented New York State in the 2000 Fiesta Bowl Parade and National Pageant of Bands in Phoenix, Arizona. The Buccaneers were proud to earn fourth place honors in the prestigious Pageant held in Phoenix, Arizona’s, Bank One Stadium.

Please join the OHS Band Parents Association for the 22nd "Pageant of Champions" on Saturday evening, September 23rd at 7PM. Come and enjoy a wonderful day in the picturesque Port City followed by an evening of unparalleled music and motion.

Drum Major Lisa Quirk
Assistant Drum Major Julia Baer

Soloists Kathryn Palange, Justin Pytlak, Elizabeth Syrell (trumpet) Emilie Losurdo (mellophone), Daniel Cohen, Stephen Heath(trombone)

Music Arrangements Nick Baratta
Drill Design Dan Campbell
Color Guard Jackie Campbell
Assistant Directors Michael Dunsmoor, Heather Sweeting
Director William Palange


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