Edward S. Lisk
Medal of Distinction

The Edward S. Lisk “Medal of Distinction” will be awarded annually to an outstanding graduating senior participating in the Oswego High School band program.


The award – which Mr. Lisk will present for the first time June 1, 2012 – includes a beautiful medallion and Swarovski crystal as well as a $1,000 scholarship award.


The $1,000 annual scholarship will be generated solely from donations received from alumni, colleagues, businesses, friends, and community members who appreciate the significant contributions Mr. Lisk made to our school district, students and community, as well every person past and present who values music in our schools.


100% of your donation to the Edward S. Lisk “Medal of Distinction” is used for the scholarship.


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The Edward S. Lisk “Medal of Distinction”

Scholarship and medal named in honor of Mr. Edward S. Lisk,

former OHS Band Director and K-12 Music Coordinator




Our school district and community have enjoyed national recognition for decades, a result of the unparalleled work of a true pioneer in music – from Oswego, NY. Mr. Edward S. Lisk helped make the name of the Oswego City School District synonymous with excellence in education. His exceptional work as a teacher and as the conductor of the Oswego High School Wind Ensemble for more than twenty years made an overwhelmingly positive impact on thousands of young men and women in our community. His leadership as the district’s K-12 Coordinator of Music guided the growth of what is now a comprehensive music education program used as a model by many districts across the state and nation.

Mr. Lisk has been a fierce advocate for the arts in education – here in Oswego and in hundreds of communities nationwide. He has lectured tens of thousands of band directors, school administrators, college students, conductors, musicians and community members about the importance music plays in the development of every child. His tireless efforts supporting music education have made him one of the most sought-after lecturers, clinicians and conductors in the nation.

Ed Lisk brought a positive face to our school district and the community that supported it. A man with a unique vision, a master teacher, a supremely gifted musician, conductor, author, and champion for music and its undeniable impact on young people – Mr. Lisk is surely a “jewel” in the crown of our community. A native of Oswego and a graduate of our own Oswego High School, it’s time he receives the recognition here he has so surely earned, not only from the school district, but from the community he still proudly calls home.

An award and scholarship has been created that bears his name: The Edward S. Lisk “Medal of Distinction.” The award will be presented annually to a graduating Oswego High School senior band member. A medal has been created for the award and will be placed around the neck of the recipient.

Mr. Lisk frequently compared the district music program to a piece of fine crystal: guard it, protect it, care for it and it will retain its brilliance forever. Neglect it, ‘drop’ it, and the crystal will shatter into a thousand pieces never to be assembled the same way again. In homage to this the “Medal of Distinction” ribbon will carry, in addition to the commemorative medallion, a beautiful piece of Swarovski crystal.

We are truly thrilled and honored that the presentation of the very first medal will be able to be made by Mr. Lisk on Friday evening June 1 in the Robinson-Faust Theatre of the Oswego High School.

The “Medal of Distinction” will be accompanied by a $1,000 scholarship that will be awarded annually, and made possible through donations from alumni, parents, colleagues, friends and community members.

The Edward S. Lisk “Medal of Distinction” is the result of the combined efforts of the Oswego High School Band Parents Association, the Oswego City School District and the “Medal of Distinction” Foundation.

The annual presentation of the “Medal” will serve as a reminder to current parents and students, as well as our school district and community about the vital role music plays in educating the minds, bodies and souls of every child. It’s a message that Ed Lisk continues to deliver to this day. The music teachers in the Oswego City School District have worked valiantly to maintain this standard set by Mr. Lisk.

It’s important for us to recognize our own heroes. This award is fittingly named for the man whose vision, dedication, leadership and tireless effort laid the groundwork for the outstanding  music program  that exists today.

Congratulations, Mr. Lisk on your distinguished career  - and Thank You – for making music so important in the lives of so many. We are honored to be able to create this award in your name, in the place you still call home.



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